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• Branding


• Website design


• Packaging

• Print collateral

Whether it's a full-scale rebrand, packaging for a line of coffee, or anything in between, graphic design is as ubiquitous as it is versatile. That's why when we say we offer

graphic design services, the only limit is your imagination when it comes to what

we're capable of creating for you. With a breadth of experience backing I Before E Design 

in branding, web, packaging, and video design, we'll work with you to craft the graphics

that best suit your needs and your overall business strategy.

SOCIAL media

• Photography


• Content creation


• Content publishing

• Consultation

• Social strategy


It's a competitive world out there. Helping your brand stand out and competing in the social media sphere can feel confusing and even overwhelming at times.  With years of experience on a multitude of social platforms and insight into the world of influences, campaigns,

promotions and beyond, we're here to help navigate those choppy waters and get you on

the fast track to boosting engagement and increasing your followership. And we'll have

fun doing it!


• SEO 

• Paid ads

• Strategy



• Video

• Email marketing

In this new age of marketing online, there's so many little aspects of it that can pass us

by i.e. SEO, paid advertising on social, and so forth. There's no such thing as too much marketing, and it can be unclear where to start. To jumpstart your online visibility,

we'll work side by side with you to make sure your business' name is not only visible,

but desirable in the online marketing sphere. It's a multi-step process, but we'll be

here with you every step of the way!


Who We Are


Frances Mahoney is a born-and-stayed

Mainer from Portland with a passion for

the Pine Tree State. (She has a tattoo of

the 1901 flag on her left arm. That's how

you know she means serious business.)

She graduated from Maine College of Art

in '15 with a BA in Graphic Design and

has experience in a wide variety of

different design environments from

retail to internet marketing to private

design firms. 

She also runs the FrannieEatsMaine food

blog and is notorious for having a bottomless

appetite. She'll never turn down a new and

exciting local culinary experience.


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